Attractions & culture

Hochheim offers many attractions. Our following pages will assist you to check out and learn about our historic town, interesting museums, various guided tours, as well as Hochheim’s symbol. Join us for this expedition. Lots of fun! 

Roman catholic church of the Saints Peter and Paul

The parish church of the Saints Peter and Paul provides an attraction earlier known only by experts for baroque- styled buildings and arts. Not only is this church the urban symbol and landmark but also does it provide as the only church in Hessia late baroque frescoes.

Historic town center

Get back to the „good old days“ while strolling along the narrow lanes and corners lined by lots of half-timbered and lovely restored houses. Get enchanted by the charm of Hochheim’s medieval center.

Queen Victoria Hill

All began in 1845 with Her Majesty, the Queen Victoria of England, when she travelled along the Rhine-valley. Her german husband, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. loving Hochheim’s wine introduced her to what she used to call “Hock“ – white wine from Hochheim. On her journey she insisted on visiting the vineyard owned by G.M. Papstmann. This was the birth of the still ongoing saying: “Good Hock keeps off the doc”