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Local heritage museum „Otto-Schwabe“

It was on  Friday, the 27th of February in 1970 when this museum opened its doors for the first time, in a building named „Dalheimer Klosterhof“ and still is dedicated to the senior court officer, Mr. Otto Schwabe. Schwabe’s private collection of historic items - which he had systematically listed - served as basic inventory on which the total of nowadays prehistoric and early historic collection division has been built up and accumulated. In 2010 this museum has found its final destination and has been reopened.

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Until 1969 this heritage collection, transmitted by testament to the city of Hochheim am Main, had been stored and hosted in one of Wiesbaden‘s museums. When finally returning to Hochheim, Mr. Micheal Hartmann organized the first local heritage museum in a building namend „Dalheimer Klosterhof“. He also added to the range of this collection a huge number of items from the winegrowing profession. This all happened until 1979.

In between, this museum had to be closed because of renovation works of the hosting building (i.e. Burg Ehrenfels, Dahlheimer Klosterhof and the house of the Kinz-family – a group of buildings later united as one total and having been named „Hochheimer Hof“), starting in 1977. There, in one oft he sections of the united historic buildings named „Hochheimer Hof“, the museum finally was reopened in November 1983. After the  „Hochheimer Hof“ had been sold, the collection was closed and removed again end of 2006. All items found a temporary storage and it was only in April 2008 when the total collection found its final destination.

The city-council decided in the March 2007 to relocate and to reopen the local heritage museum at the former city hall, where it was finally reopened in October 2012.