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Wine from Hochheim

Historians found that winegrowing in Hochheim am Main is dating back already 1.200 years. Hochheim’s high quality wine in all its variety became famous also beyond the boundaries of the Rhine–valley and is highly appreciated everywhere, even by the British Royals.

Manual grape harvest in the vineyards Manual grape harvest in the vineyards

Winegrowing in Hochheim am Main

Winegrowing puts its stamp on our city since centuries. Wine from Hochheim is world-famous not only because of Queen Victoria’s preference for a drop of this fabulous stuff. Many winegrowers offer their products on the their own premises (either in attached restaurants, guest-yards or winehouses) and on direct sale. Hochheim has gained also quite a reputation for sparkling wine. It was in 1837, when the first producer of sparkling wine, the company „Burgeff“ had been founded – a business of importance still today! Among others, the sparkling wine branded „Mumm“ means something special to wine-connoisseurs.

Sites oft he vineyards / domains

Approximately 100 winegrowers earn their living partly or exclusively by winegrowing. In total  11 sites / domains are cultivated and are named as follows: „Berg, Daubhaus, Domdechaney, Herrnberg, Hölle, Hofmeister, Kirchenstück, Köinigin- Victoria- Berg, Reichestal, Stein and Stielweg“.

On the website of the Rheingauer Weinbauverband (association of Rhinegau winegrowers) a map shows where those sites / domains are located. 

Production of sparkling wine

The first glass of sparkling wine was sold by a local of Hochheim, Mr. Ignatz Schweickardt, in a pub named „Burg Ehrenfels“. He called this first sparkling wine „Hochheim’s Mussie“ – thus giving birth to the sparkling wine-city. From August 1836 onward, Ignatz Schweickardt founded together with his sponsor Carl Burgeff the company named „Schweickardt & Burgeff “ – the first one in Hochheim to produce sparkling wine.