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Queen Victoria Hill

All began in 1845 with Her Majesty, the Queen Victoria of England, when she travelled along the Rhine-valley. Her german husband, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. loving Hochheim’s wine introduced her to what she used to call “Hock“ – white wine from Hochheim. On her journey she insisted on visiting the vineyard owned by G.M. Papstmann. This was the birth of the still ongoing saying: “Good Hock keeps off the doc”

Queen Victoria Hill Queen Victoria Hill

The vineyard where this monument has been erected is known since long as one oft he best and most beautiful ones within Hochheim‘s area.

Even before the first vines were planted there, it had used to be an attractive piece of land, visited often by the canons of Mainz cathedral and therefore known already as „Dechantenruhe“  (meaning: „peace of the canons“ ), when Queen Victoria‘s visit took place.

The same year, after Queen Victoria’s visit, the owner, Georg Papstmann asked the British crown for permission to name the vineyard „Queen Victoria Hill“. Since 1854 the neogothic monument proudly stands 7 meters high in memory of Queen Victoria and her visit. It is facing the the vineyards and the plain. Constructed on top of a fountain the memorial serves as a well and water is pouring out of the open mouth of a lion. Small torrets and rich ornaments remind the spectator of the victorian and neogothic England of those times.

A sign on the monmument reads: „Her Majesty, the Queen Victoria of Great Britain and Ireland was merciful enough to lend her name to this vineyard. In order to honour gratefully this gracious Queen and her benevolence, this memorial was constructed by G.M. Papstmann, Hochheim on 24th of May, 1854“ – so the engraved sign says. 

Wine bottles containing wine from this vineyard are still today artistically labelled in historican style and still served today during visits of British Royals.

„Good Hock keeps off the doc“

Due to Queen Victoria’s preference of Hochheim’s wine, the name of our city is still wellknown even today throughout the Anglos-Saxonian parts of the world. Most of the English and Americans dont know however that „Hock“ is a funny abbreviation for Hochheim. To the English „Hock“ generally means white wine from the Rhinegau. So German white wine under this name made its way throughout those parts of the world where English is spoken. Thanks to Queen Victoria’s visit the still ongoing saying which is related to her, is in use: „good Hock keeps off the doc“. 

For more information on Queen Victoria see: official website of the British monarchy.