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Guide of winegrower’s catering trade / cellars, guest-yards, wine-bars & restaurants

Many wine lovers and connoisseurs have such a list for our city of wine and sparkling wine, made  up as a small folder for pin- up at home or to carry it along in their pocket. This folder has the details of all winegrower’s catering facilities, opening hours and data on special events like parties in their yards. It also lists all of those winegrowers who are participating and offering their products at the concession stand for winetasting

Guide of winegrower’s catering services / retaurants, yards, bars and pubs Guide of winegrower’s catering services / retaurants, yards, bars and pubs

This guide is one of the important basic sources of information and very useful for all, visiting Hochheim and for those, who are loving wine. The administration of the city took over the basic folder, first published by the winegrowers themselves and now signs responsible for gathering information, lay-out, publication and printing as well as for its distribution. The total cost for this project is shared among the participating parties, i.e. winegrowers with catering service and those, operating the concession stand for winetasting.

Hochheim’s mayor, Ms. Angelika Munck on this project: „ this guide is an efficient piece of work and reflects the smooth cooperation between the administration of Hochheim‘s city and Hochheim’s winegrowers.“ More than happy on top she is  – so her statement –  because the participating parties are prepared to continue taking over the costs also for the current updatet edition.

This guide can be obtained / picked up free of charge at the Hochheim civic center, located „ Alte Marzfabrik “ and for the community of Massenheim at the village center. Further it is on stock at the front desk of Hochheim’s city-hall and of course at the locations of all winegrowers who offer catering services.