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City of wine and sparkling wine

Hochheim is disposing over more than 200 hectares of winegrowing grounds, thus counting among the biggest winegrowing cities within the region of the Rhinegau. The partition of used surface for plantation of vines amounts up to 80% for riesling vines, further 15% for Pinot noir and 5% for others  like Kerner and Müller-Thurgau.

Wine from Hochheim

Historians found that winegrowing in Hochheim am Main is dating back already 1.200 years. Hochheim’s high quality wine in all its variety became famous also beyond the boundaries of the Rhine–valley and is highly appreciated everywhere, even by the British Royals.

Guide of winegrowers

Approximately 100 winegrowers are living in Hochheim, working and producing wine either as part- or fulltimers. Not only the local winegrowers but also those producers from outside who are cultivating vineyards in Hochheim’s area are listed in there. (guide not yet completed)

Concession stand for winetasting

Do you wish to enjoy yourself, on your own or with friends, meeting nice people, while tasting outside in the sun a glass of excellent Hochheim’s wine or sparkling wine? Then come to Hochheim’s permanent concession stand for winetasting! Here, on a weekly base, various winegrowers are presenting their individual range of wine and sparkling wine as well as small snacks and fingerfood.

Guide of winegrower’s catering trade / cellars, guest-yards, wine-bars & restaurants

Many wine lovers and connoisseurs have such a list for our city of wine and sparkling wine, made  up as a small folder for pin- up at home or to carry it along in their pocket. This folder has the details of all winegrower’s catering facilities, opening hours and data on special events like parties in their yards. It also lists all of those winegrowers who are participating and offering their products at the concession stand for winetasting

Museum of winegrowing

Hochheim am Main opened the first Hessian museum of winegrowing. Visit this location which shall introduce you to the art of planting and growing wine from historic to current methods.

Wine festival

Hochheim’s wine festival

This traditional highlight oft he year is accompanied by:

  • live music on 4 stages
  • attractive fringe events
  • Sunday-familiy-shopping

For all details, pls. contact

Queen Victoria Hill

All began in 1845 with Her Majesty, the Queen Victoria of England, when she travelled along the Rhine-valley. Her german husband, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. loving Hochheim’s wine introduced her to what she used to call “Hock“ – white wine from Hochheim. On her journey she insisted on visiting the vineyard owned by G.M. Papstmann. This was the birth of the still ongoing saying: “Good Hock keeps off the doc”

Thomas Jefferson

On him was reported : the president of the United States (in office in between 1801 and 1809), having been one of the creators of the declaration of independence, from July 4th, 1774 -  on visit in Hochheim am Main.